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Single cask young Bowmore: fruity delight

Everyone and their grandmother posted notes on this one – if active in The Netherlands that is. That put it a bit on my backburner, I have to say, but when I tasted it I realized a blog is well deserved for this Bowmore. We had quite the Islay violence a few weeks ago, and here is your notice that these bottles might well be talked about by future generations scoring ‘old bottles’ on auction. There is a classic authenticity to it. As you will read below.

Bowmore 9 years old, bottled at 57,7 % by Douglas Laing

Makeup: A single refill barrel Bowmore distilled in 2014 and bottled in September 2023. The DL cask reference is 17953. Bottled for liquor store Gall & Gall in The Netherlands. The company bottled two casks but make no difference in selling them. If you care, check the labels.

General impressions: Very fresh and maritime. Wet pebbles and sweet peat. The Bowmore spirit is so incredibly playful and vibrant. It's good to have it centre stage here. With water some candy too. The taste is very much on the peat here, lots of brine and some salted chocolate. This all continues on the finish, but this is also where a pineapple hint signs off on the fact that you are indeed drinking a Bowmore. 

It is very straightforward, and one could not ask more of a 9 year old whisky from a refill barrel. With water, the taste and mouthfeel becomes even more nice and soft.

Conclusion: The peated backbone of Bowmore somehow always seems to assist a fruity character that's kept in the soul of the spirit. It is simple whisky, a good introduction to Islay, and still enough character to keep you hooked.

Score: 87 points

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