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GlenWyvis 2019

“Once in a blue moon” is a great expression. And just like a blue moon is rare, so is a Leap Year. When thinking about a launch date for this whisky blog, a few options arose and today being 29 February seemed to be most fitting. This gives me four years to think about a one year celebration dram. See ya in 2028!

I gladly introduce myself further to you on this page, but since I take it you are here for whisky, notes, and thoughts about our favorite drink, we will quickly move on to the subject. My name is Tom anyway, and I hope to see you return many times over! 

Happy reading!

The twenty-first century is an exciting time to be alive when you are a whiskynerd, like yours truly. Most exciting were the times of Kilchoman opening the doors on Islay in 2006, and buying their Inaugural Release just a little over 3 years later. Since then, there has been wave upon wave of new distilleries in Scotland and indeed around the world. Some have already build a solid reputation, like Ardnamurchan, Torabhaig and quaint little Dornoch.

GlenWyvis is one of the later arrivals, but also well past the magical ‘3 year line’, and thus able to release Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The first production came from the stills in January 2018. An interesting fact about GlenWyvis is that it is one hundred percent community-owned. Let’s see how this authenticity tastes.

By the way, where all the new distilleries of this century seem to steer clear from naming their brand after ‘Glen’, GlenWyvis does embrace a very Scottish sounding whisky name. I like that. The mountain Ben Wyvis (1046m) gets a nod on the label. That is a nice touch.

GlenWyvis 2019 – 2023, batch 01/2019, at 46,5 % abv

Make up: This batch is made up out of 12.000 bottles, a vatting from whisky matured in 68% first fill ex-bourbon, 15% refill whisky, 17% Specialty Wine Casks. Natural color, non-chill filtered.

General impressions: The extremely light color of the liquid in the glass makes me wonder about those wine casks. At least that influence is minimal. When you stick your nose in the glass, there is however a distinct Sauvignon blanc note emerging, sour apples, and fresh malt. Almost like new make spirit direct from the still, but tamed enough to enjoy.
Taking a sip from a whisky you have never tasted before is always a special moment. This GlenWyvis is definitely not mature yet, but it does boldly display its potential. Most of all the potential to age well over many years, I think. Diluting it to an agreeable abv was a wise choice. The arrival still has a sharp edge, and the finish has an alcoholic off-note. The taste leans on green apples, dry cereals and subtle wood tones.

Conclusion: This GlenWyvis leaves a lot of room for improvement, but the team behind it clearly knows how to balance a good batch. Keyword for this whisky is indeed an impressive balance, and also compliments for not cloaking the core ingredient. The influence of the wine casks leaves me puzzled, but that does not matter: it adds an edge, instead of being a nuisance.


Disclaimer: self-bought sample from a share with friends.