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Breaking notes!
A brand new Springbank Society & some Campbeltown news

The Campbeltown Malts Festival has started and this is a big feast for the people of the Old Toon and whisky lovers from all over the world. Tomorrow we will do a special head-to-head from two old vintages from over 30 years ago. Today however, we taste a brand new Society Release of Springbank.

Before we go on to that, we report the delight of ‘Planning Permission Granted’ for Witchburn Distillery. This is one of the new projects for the Kintyre Peninsula, putting the city back on track to becoming once again a Whisky Metropolis! In their newsletter, Witchburn reported on some building updates, but also rejoiced in the fact that distillery gear was arriving. The mash tun arrived, and soon no less than 16 washbacks and the stills will come to Campbeltown too.

Springbank 20 years old, bottled for the Springbank Society at 55,7 % abv

Makeup: Distilled in May 2003 and bottled in March 2024 in 35 cl bottles. More for everyone, IF you are one of the lucky Springbank Society Members. This Springbank matured in Fresh Port and 2700 bottles were filled.

General impressions: A slightly sour smell, making this smack in the middle of that port cask. Behind the obvious imprint from the maturation, there is a mineral quality and some of the Springbank fruitiness which we fully expect after a 20 year maturation. I must say I am writing this tasting note two days after opening the bottle. Now I feel the whisky settles much easier in the glass, where it was a little bit too fierce on first impression. The taste is quite raw and dry with a cherry wood infusion. The finish has a touch of softness about it, making this a not too complex, but very interesting dram.

Conclusion: A full maturation in Fresh Port makes for a rather dry Springbank and none of the frivolity that we normally find in this malt. That also means you have an interesting variation on a well-known whisky in the glass.

Score: 87 points
Disclaimer: taken from a self-bought bottle.

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